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Vaccinations are a top method to safeguard your closest companion and keep them in good health for the long run.

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Oral care is an essential part of your pet's wellness.  Regular cleanings will help prevent dental disease and potential complications.

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From advanced treatments like cold laser therapy and acupuncture to yearly blood and stool tests, our team can suggest proactive health steps for your aging pet.

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Guard against the unseen danger of heartworm disease. We provide testing and facilitate the acquisition of heartworm prevention medication swiftly and effectively.

Close-up of female vet in protective gloves examining the pet with stethoscope in vet clin

Routine check-ups are essential for tracking your pet's health and well-being, updating vaccinations, and conducting a standard examination.

The abdomen of an Maltese dog, who was examined by an ultrasound. Veterinarian doing ultra

We provide a wide range of diagnostic tools, screenings, and advanced technology to aid in the detection, treatment and illness management.

Loving young asian woman petting and feeding her cute long-coat jack russel terrier puppy,

Pets carrying excess weight are more susceptible to various health issues. Our team is here to assist with dietary and workout strategies to enhance your pet's well-being.

Veterinarian looks at the dog's skin and fur to check health and hygiene while patient lyi

Pets can suffer from a wide range of skin conditions. Often, we can identify and address underlying issues through signs evident on the skin of your pet.

Female veterinary doctor puts the bandage on the cat after surgery. Sterilization for dome

Our staff and facility is equipped to handle many needed surgeries.  Our patients are supported and monitored during any procedure.

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Puppies and kittens need special attention. We'll customize a prevention strategy for them and address any questions.

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We can assist with behavioral concerns for dogs and cats. If issues like aggression, fear, or separation anxiety arise, we can identify them and direct you to a specialist.


Purchase medications, prescription diets, flea and tick deterrents, and other essentials and supplies for your pet with ease from our online shop delivered to your door.

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Southwick is one of the only hospitals in the area that offers vet laser therapy. A painless, gentle, and safe treatment, laser therapy directs laser light to penetrate the tissue. It can be used for pain management and reducing inflammation to treating a wide variety of medical conditions. We offer dog laser therapy & cat laser therapy. Ask us if you think your pet might be a good candidate.

Therapeutic Laser Services

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